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A new Vision of sustainability

Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015 has big aspirations: to be the prototype among Italian foundations in the field of sustainability. This is a clear sign of the business world?s confidence that Expo 2015 will be rich in opportunities for Milan and the entire Italian system to benefit developing countries.

The projects supported by FMpE will have this synthesis of intentions, with the companies as leading players in the growth of society and economies in the emerging countries.


Models of permanent, sustainable inheritance

Our mission statement: The main aim of the Foundation is to leave to Milan, to Italy and to the emerging countries MODELS of SUSTAINABLE, PERMANENT INHERITANCE by contributing, sustaining, boosting and spreading the development of talents.

Our mission means committing ourselves to concrete action, using agile thinking and tried and tested methods.

We want our projects to generate MODELS WITHOUT FRONTIERS, that can be replicated in other geographical areas as successful examples, corroborated by experience.

As our signature says:
CONNECTIONS BETWEEN EXCELLENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY we want to create lively and not taken for granted connections between Italian companies with their finest competences and developing countries with their unexpressed talents. But also connections among Foundations with shared objectives: NGOs, non-profit making associations and institutions.


Clear and, above all,
shared aims

  • In harmony with the theme of Expo 2015, ?FEED THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE?, we aim to spread good practices for sustainable development.

  • To provide real responses to the problems of developing countries that can become MODELS OF COOPERATION WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY.

  • To make these models INNOVATIVE in their approach and their capacity to create social entrepreneurship.

  • To help companies gain a better understanding of and reinforce the concept of CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY.


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