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Today we need to go beyond the logic of welfarism and charity driven by purely emotional impulses. Today quality, professionalism and innovation are needed to be able to do more with less, making the most of available economic resources thanks to managerial expertise that is the heritage of our companies and becoming a model for youth.

Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015 Anch'io

Support our foundation every year by subscribing to Anch'io. You involvement, showing a particular sensibility for sustainability and cooperation among peoples, makes you a leading player in the activities of Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015, financing projects that will last over time.

Choose your card:
  • — ANCH'IO JUNIOR € - 50,00
  • — ANCH'IO SUPPORTER - €100,00
  • — ANCH'IO SUPPORTER PLUS - €1.000,00
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Are you a far-sighted entrepreneur?

The great challenge that Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015 puts before you and will tackle with you is this: that the excellence of Italian companies can come into contact with the economies of developing countries and create new chances for collaboration. If this is what the commitment of all the finest companies to a renewable future means to you too, discover how you can contribute.
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Fondazione Milano per Expo 2015 can only operate with everybody’s help. We like to think that the future of our world will not be left to the confused course of events. That those events are part of our personal responsibility. That we all can and must play a part, whatever it be. If you too share our vision of a future with more open and sustainable horizons, if you believe that true solutions can only come from confrontation and commitment among the finest players in the game, support us now. Every contribution will help, even just one euro will bear fruit.
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The future of the planet, the conditions we will leave to our children and our children’s children are the most real meaning of sustainability, and this involves us all. A legacy from you will be projected in this ethical dimensional and will leave an irremovable mark. For more information on making a will or on how to make a donation in memory
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